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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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federal court in downtown washington. but it took only 20 minutes before judge richard leon for brown to plead guilty to a felony charge of bank fraud that included falsifying mortgage loan documents, to receive tens of thousands of dollars in extra cash. court documents show brown changes a "3" to an "8" to claim of course of $85,000 instead of $35,000. forged the name of an employer and among other things, bought a speedboat named "bullet proof" with the extra money. once a rising star in local d.c. politics and chairman of the kun sill until he resigned on wednesday, brown lost his composure while apologizing to the public after his felony plea. >> i want to apologize. from the bottom of my heart. to all those that i have let down.
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to the people of this great city, i'll be taking no questions. >> with several ongoing scan zalg investigations, civic activist, dorothy bra until sb expressed the feelings of many d.c. citizens. >> there's real outrage and concern. what the hell is going on in our district government and the corruption and the malfeasance. >> brown faces fines and up to six months in prison for the felony. he left the federal courthouse to appear an hour later in d.c. superior court to plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime. he allowed an unregistered campaign bank account to spend thousands of unaccounted for dollars on his 2008 campaign. others are expected to face charges in that case. brown's attorney, fred cook, got permission from the federal court to allow brown to temporarily leave the washington area for a week to avoid the intense media scrutiny of his every. >> and kwame brown will be back in both courts on september 20th to be sentenced. he'll learn then if he's going to prison. >> the u.s. attorney is not done
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yet, is he? >> the u.s. attorney is far from done. we're in the middle of the movie. >> thanks, tom. federal prosecutors -- go ahead, wendy. >> federal prosecutors had strong words and laid out the charges late this afternoon. richard jordan is live at the u.s. attorney's offers with the details. >> the u.s. attorney wants to make it clear that elected official are not above the law and he says his office will prosecute any illegal action. he has no vendetta. >> today is a dark and unfortunate day in our city's history as we've all learned that once again, one of our city's elected leaders has gone astray. >> the district's top prosecutor joined by the fbi and the irs, to reveal the government's case against kwame brown, officials (rpr)man lied on bank loan applications for home equity loan where he listed himself as the vice president of an unnamed
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company. the application was faxed from brown's council office and included a forged signature as brown's college friend listed as president of the company. >> the unnamed friend did not brown permission to sign his name and did not agree his information should be used to perpetrate this fraud on the bank and never heard of the company that he purportedly was the president of. >> in 2007, brown applied for a loan to buy a $55,000 boat. according to court documents he submitted his 1099 with a $85,000 income but the "8" was written in and it should have been a "3." the fbi says the number was deliberately changed to secure the loan. >> this wasn't the case of a child forging a parent's name on a report considered or changing a bad grid. this is a case of a grown man, an elected city official, forging bank documents for his own enrichment. >> the u.s. attorney promised to vigorously go after any elected official caught in corrupt
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dealings. >> those who have failed to abide by the rules will pay a steep price. >> the u.s. attorney says the investigation into brown's 2008 re-election campaign is not over yet however, he says he doesn't expect any new charges to be filed against brown. reporting live at the u.s. attorney's office, richard jordan, news4. >> thanks. a military judge says she will not dismiss any of the charges against an army private accused of leaking government secrets. private first class bradley manning is facing 22 counts, including aiding the enemy. he's accused of leaking sensitive government data to wikileaks. today, colonel denise lin ejected the defense argument that some of the charges were vague. manning's trial is set for september but the judge said it will likely begin in november or jeanne because of procedural issues. six words from president obama prompted a round of recriminations today. he said -- the private sector is
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doing fine. mitt romney and other republicans saw an opportunity and took it. steve handelsman reports. >> president obama takes credit for creating 4.3 million private-sector jobs. >> over 800,000 just this year alone. the private sector is doing fine. >> republicans fleefully pounced. >> are you kidding? did he see the job numbers that came out last week? the private sector is not doing fine. >> the auto industry, u.s. manufacturing was strong in may. but constructio jobs were way down. their private sector. if public sector was worse. teachers, firefighters and cops, laid off. the president's point was to blame congress for rejecting his bill to help states and cities hire. >> if congress has passed it in full we'd be on track to have a million more americans working this year.
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keep in mind that the private sector has been hiring at a solid pace over the last 27 months. >> mitt romney was in iowa when he heard about his gift from the president. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? these comments he's making just suggest someone who doesn't understand what's happening in the country. he has been elected to lead. >> the economy is not doing fine. >> back at the white house, damage control. >> the economy needs to be strengthened. that's why i had a press conference. >> reporter: republicans, said the president, ought to offer more ideas about how to get people back to work and stop playing what he called "political games." i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. stocks closed higher tonight and that helped the dow and the s&p post their best weekly gains this year. the dow was up more than 90 points and ended at 12,554.
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the next is up about 27. the s&p, closed up about 10 points. global finance company ubs may sue nasdaq over the facebook stock debacle. that company wanted a million sthars of facebook when the stock went public last month. but traders never got confirmation that their request went through so they kept repeating the order. ubs might have lost as much as $350 million when they unloaded the stock at a lower price. the nasdaq computers were overwhelmed by the facebook ipo and many of investors mad problem. if you're out driving tonight, be warned it could get ugly on part of i-39 abecause part is closing. virginia's department of transportation shutting down northbound lanes of 39 a 395 at beltway between 52 a and 57 b. there will be a detour but it will add another 20 minutes or so to your trip. all lanes on 395 will be back
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opened by 7:00 tomorrow morning. this closure, part of reconstruction for the beltway express lanes project. >> really nice summer-like day there. veronica johnson enjoying it all in kensington, maryland. >> that's right. >> reporter: i'm joining in the back yard of what joins three families together here. that's really what brought us to kensington, maryland, for backyard weather so today we're in somebody's backyard. it's crazy here. the three families that get together but then, as is typical, all the other kids from the neighborhood come over. hi, guys, hi, hi, hi. >> hello! they all have -- >> hi. >> they all have their little special weapons, the small ones. >> let's talk weather right now. again, we're in kensington, maryland and temperatures across the area, of course, we're in the 80s as we zoom down to show you exactly where we are. we've been comfortable today. we've been in the 80s. the dew point temperature is just at 47 degrees as promised.
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fantastic. the whole week, we've had temperatures that have been cooler than average. get ready for temperatures this weekend. they will be hot like july, above average. through the weekend, perhaps, even the early part of next week. coming up in a couple of minutes we'll tell you exactly why the folks here loved kensington, maryland, so much. back to you, jim? wendy? >> thanks, veronica. coming up, the decision about to retire i'll have another before the belmont. armed men trying to carjack drivers. police just as worried about the suspects as they are about the potential victims. >> and the violence in syria continues. neighborhoods are reportedly being attacked from above. a child that suffered brain injuries after being shaken by a
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rebel neighborhoods are pounded from flee sides. one human rights group said shells were hitting at a rate of 5 to 10 each minute. amateur videos posted online show a helicopter firing missiles that appear to land in residential neighborhoods -- er. surprising news today, sad news, in fact, from the world of horse racing. i'll have another, the horse that won the derby and the preakness, today was scratched from the big race tomorrow. jay gray has our report about why that horse was retired. >> reporter: the news spread almost as quickly as the pace at belmont park. for i'll have another, there would not be another triple crown race or run at horse racing immortality.
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>> i'm afraid the history will have to wait for another day. >> reporter: and another horse. the colt's last trip ever around came after sunrise. the light jog and easy gallop through the early-morning fog with no signs of problem but as i'll have another returned to the barn it was clear something wasn't right. >> we got dr. hunt over here and he scanned him and said that it was the start of tendinitis in his left front tendon. >> a diagnosis that meant i'll have another wouldn't run. >> it was unanimous between the owners and my brother and i and everyone at the barn to retire him. and it is a bummer but, again, far from tragic but it is very disappointing. >> a bummer, that those in racing understand is part of the gamble that comes with their game. >> it's a would have, could have, should have business. now we'll take a deep breath. salute the fact that the horse is healthy. >> but his sore and swollen leg is expected to shrink the crowds
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and merchandise sales at belmont park, though organizers point out it's still a major race and will go off as planned. >> people are in town and looking for excitement. the weather is supposed to be good. we're not getting too down on this. >> when us comes to their shot at history, no one at belmont pierk will be able to say "i'll have another." >> which means that the wait for another triple crown winner will stretch to, at least, 35 years. jay gray, nbc news, belmont park. >> ted, back outside for the backyard barbecue. summer series we're in kensington, this afternoon, where veronica is. >> reporter: i'm in kensington because it's right here that neighbors care about each other so much. families that get together almost weekly, sometimes twice a week. mo hime, you're the one to organizing everyone. >> i do, i'm the bossy one. >> how many areas have you guys been doing this? >> about 14 years.
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since my kids, my older kids were babies. so -- >> we all lived in these houses and shared this backyard and we just all got along. the kids got along and it just -- the rest is history. we're all growing up together. going to the same schools and just having a great time. >> and why is it so special, then, that you've done this? and is it joust on special occasions that you try to get together or -- >> we do not need a special occasion. it actually started when the it's kids were babies and we had to be outside to make sure they didn't go in the street. so we would sit on the hill and watch the kids play down here and people would drive i by or stop by and it just evolved, really. someone walked by once and said, this is a very happy corner. that's when we started calling it ♪ happy corner >> even when you're not happy you look out for one another? >> we do. if somebody's sick or needs meals or rides home from school, anything, we're all there for each other. >> thank you and thank you for
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showing some love. whiers doug, up there on the slide, i'm not sure why he's afraid to come down but he's been stuck up there for i don't know how long. let's talk temperatures across the you're today. 84 the current temperature at regan. because that number, that dew point temperature has been low at 47 degrees, that's the reason why all week long it's been so nice, right? we've gotten clouds and rain but now for the weekend, a dryer pattern for us, we're at 79 degrees in colombia. we're at 81 in fairfax in falls church and 84 currently in glean belt, maryland. throughout the area down to the south, also in the low 80s. so pretty comfortable throughout the mid-atlantic states. that warmth will be making its way north and northeastward through the weekend and i think for the most part we'll stay with a mostly sunny skies. that's thanks to the big "h" that high pressure system that's setting up. it will be warming us up where
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all of the sudden we're going to go from instead of just june to more july-type weather across the area. notice the storms down across tennessee, too. eventually we'll get in on some wet weather. coming up in less than three hours, we have the international space station. the sky clear enough. so we should be able to see it as it makes its way through the sky over us from southwest to northeast. and we should be able to have it for a period of wlierk six minutes. it should be bright enough at 47 degrees high. your evening temperature, 74 to 82 degrees. we're mainly clear and mild. ourp sunsets at 8:32 so just after that, the international space station. clear and comfortable at 59 to 67 degrees. meanwhile, for tomorrow afternoon, 85 to 90 degrees. mo, are you ready for some warmth. >> i love the meet. >> she loves it. where's the pool? >> we don't have a pool, but we might put a slip and slide up later. >> a slip and slide.
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and talk of them pushing me down the slip and slide. just for that i'll make you do the forecast here for the weekend. >> saturday, bad you'res, 89 for the high and then 91 on sunday. >> and then a chance of rain on tuesday, wednesday and thursday which means that i don't know if the happy corner parties will be happening on tuesday -- >> we do watch the weather to make sure we can have our parties. >> what station? >> storm team 4. >> what station is the one to watch? >> nbc 4. >> i'm trying to get everybody straight here. to make sure that they can pass the word as to what the right station is to watch sfwhee nbc 4, washington, d.c., we love you guys. >> slip and slide coming up later. that means water, that means someone's getting wet. maybe we can push doug down the slip and slide. >> i think doug should go down the slip and slide. >> jim, wendy, back to you. coming up, a warning about discarded flashlights. police say if you find one, leave it alone. lebron and the heat, reaching great heights.
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>> upper marlboro. 20 years ago a have been of shaken baby
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in prince george's county, three men on the loose after they tried to carjack three people last night over the course of an hour. >> they never managed to steal a car but now police are hoping that surveillance video can help put them behind bars. here's the story. >> reporter: june 3rd, three armed men, three carjackings in less than 23 minutes. but when you hear the whole story, you'll understand why the suspects are more like the three stooges and why police are hoping the surveillance video will lead to their arrest before
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someone gets hurt. carjacking number one. stuart lane, clinton, maryland, 11:23 at night. through armed men, they take a man's cell phone, they take his car kwooes. they take his toyota car. it's a clean get-away! oh, except for one thing. gas! you see, that toyota car didn't have any gas. it was running on vapor. and here on allentown road, it came to an unexpected stop. those three would-be carjackers bailed. and continued on, on foot. carjacking number two. old branch avenue, seven minutes later, three blocks away. three armed men approach a man in the jeep. the drooufr you'lls. i'm a cop you better move on. one of the suspects says, my bad, my bad. and they all back off.
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and walk away. carjacking number three, at the hangar club, about a half block away. they have surveillance video of this one. a woman in the dodge charger pulls up to the drive-through window and begins to make a purchase. as she does, the suspects come in on both sides. they even manage to get a door of the car opened. but when the woman gets wise to what's going on, she hits the gas and drives off. >> it's incredible that we have three suspects involved,nd three different carjackings in a short period of time with armed and dangerous can handguns and we need to get them off the streets before someone gets seriously injured. >> if you know these guys, police want to hear from you. in prince george's county, pat collins, news4. kwame brown pleaded guilty today to felony bank fraud and to campaign violations. the felony charge could land him in jail for up to six months.
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brown apologized today and said he made some very serious mistakes. he'll be sentenced in september. police in phoenix warning people not to pick up discarded flashlights because some of them may have explosives. billboards are being put up across the city after three bombs went off in the past month, the latest in a salvation army distribution center on may 24th. the police say an employee tried to turn the flashlight on and it exploded. so far, five people have been injured. a hearing for the man accused of killing more than a dozen people at fort hood in texas has been rescheduled. the judge decided to cancel the hear today for nadal hassan because he was dressed inappropriately. he had a five-week old beard and he was wearing his online fwoorm. hasaan is accused of kill 13 people during a shooting rampage at the fort in 2009. previously he worked at the walter reed army medical center. a former culpepper police officer out on bail after he
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pled not guilty in the deadly shooting of an unarmed woman earlier this year. the officer is back in quart in the next couple of weeks along with his mother. she's facing charges of her own. from who she allegedly did after the crime. derrick ward explains. >> reporter: it was a bail hearing but it also offered a dpl glimpse ms into arguments expected. 32-year-old daniel harman wright, a former culpepper police officer and one-time marine from iraq is charged with felony murder and weapons charges after a february incident where he killed a 54 yooermd patricia cook as she drove away from a kwon fron expectation many the church parking lot, speeding away made her a dangerous felon. >> originally she's a suspect for criminal tres mass, that's all. a misdemeanor. but, when she assaulted a police officer, a felony, tried to kill him, another felony, is escaping the lawful detention, another felony, there's a list of them. >> harman wriergt had responded to a report of a suspicious
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vehicle in the lot of this church school. at some point in the encounter cook drove off allegedly dragging harman wriergt by the arm in the partially closed side driver's window. while his attorney says cook posed a threat, the commonwealth's attorney says firing several shots at the vehicle was intolerable to a community. >> you don't take someone's life to save your own. the homicide eye commit is unjiefed and if it's unjustified the question is, what type of homicide is it? is it murder or manslaughter? the grand jury here has electeded to charge murder. >> talking the stand in support of arguments that he should be let out on bail, he sesz he was dealing with his drinking problem and adding that he was a quote, social drinker. the judge ruled he could be released on $100,000 bail provided he stayed away from guns and liquor. his mother faces charges of her own later this summer. she's alleged to have cleared her son's personnel file of damaging material. she was an employee at the police department at the time of the shooting. >> on jewel 24th, they'll be back to determine the next phase
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of the case. at circuit court in culpepper, derrick ward, news4. part of telegraph road in alexandria has re-opened after a water main break during the morning rush south of the ballotway. a 12" pipe between willington road and sharon chapel road and about 50 homes went without water. a high school prank is keeping some high school students from attending graduation, six teenagers were involved and say they were just having fun. they spread baby oil on a staircase at herndon high school on wednesday and then, pulled a fire alarm. all of the kids were suspended. three of the students who are seniors have been banned from walking across the stage at graduation ceremonies next thursday. the students involved say the crime does not fit the punishment. >> all the what-if's. they had teachers that were pregnant and kids that were like disabled and had crutches and tough. but honestly, at the end of the day nobody got hurt. >> a twitter campaign has been launched to help the boys.
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some students are wearing t shirts to support them. officials in fairfax county public schools say similar actions have been taken against pranksters in the past. seniors have been warned. two decades ago news4 told you about a baby named shaun mccrory. he suffered severe injuries from shaken baby syndrome. noul he's beating the odds. julie caught up with shaun and his family and has more on his success. . we first met shaun mccrory 20 years ago when he was just beginning to recover from the effects of a swrie lent shaking at the hands of his babysitter. he nearly died, suffered permanent brain injury and loss the use of his arm. at 16 months he was learns to call all over again. >> we have questions like, what are you going to do with shaun after this? >> what the mccrorys did was refuse to give up on their little boy. >> it's ashame to put limits on someone with a disability. there's always a way teach him how to do something.
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>> fast forward to shine mccrory on his last day of high school. his trademark yelp of enthusiasm ecos through the halls. >> you could put every positive word on shaun and it would match him perfectly. >> the teachers and students made sure shaun would live to. for five years he's been in a wliefr skills class. >> shaun makes everybody think that even though there's some parts to don't work so much of him do work. >> yoiker brother, alec, assumes the older-brother role whether they're off skiing together or -- >> shaun brightens up my day. >> most importantly shaun has been embraced by his classmates. he proudly shows off his cross-examine after being named prom king. >> it was exciting to see him get to do stuff that everybody else does. and i don't know, it was fun. >> he has a great time doing
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everything. and he's very moich accepted with his peer s which is the mot amazing and heart warming thing to see. today, on graduation day. principal arranged things to shaun would cross the stage last. >> and shaun mccrory -- >> as shaun celebrated on stage with hugs, holding his certificate up high, his classmates rose to honor him, so did their parents and friends until the well showplace arena was cheering right along with shaun. >> we wanted him to have his moment and, really, we're truly going to miss him. his spirit is amazing. >> indeed, it is. congratulations, swhaun mccrory. in . amy stair areas deadly strain of eche i coof ecoliar j.
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>> we're tweaking the water slide trying to find just the right location. look at all the families that are out here. we're going to have a lot more coming to you, as well as on
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health officials are trying to find the source of a deadly e-coli outbreak. people getting sick from the west coast to the southeast. so far, one toddler was killed and at least 13 other people got sick. researchers at the center for disease control say the bacteria strain is known as e-coli 0145. it was particularly dangerous. most of the cases are in georgia. others have been reported in florida, louisiana, alabama, tennessee and california. maryland could become the first state in this country to
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ban bumper pads in cribs. the state health department took a step to make that happen. officials announced if the ban passes it would go into effect in june of 2013. last year, a task force determined that crib bumpers suffocate or strangle babies. the maryland pelt department is taking public comments until the middle of august. if it's passed retailers will have nine months to comply with the ban. people line the streets of awe small english town to pay their last respects to begee singer robin gib. a horse drawn carriage carried the casket to his church in the town of thames. he died after a long bout with cancer at the age of 62. his twin brother, maurice, died in 2003. bar be gary gib is the only surviving member of the group. integral to the sound track,
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"saturday night fever e." the international fleet sailed into the port in southeastern virginia today. more than 100 ships arriving in hampton roads by the elizabeth river docking in norfolk. thousands of spectators came out to watch the parade and now many of the tall ships are available for public tours. the next stop, baltimore on tuesday. to mark the war of 1812, it is the bicentennial celebration. >> that's a delightful sight. i saw them in nova scotia a couple of years ago. horse racing history on
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the wizards are -- the kids are having fun. the dads are having fun. >> how mucfun was that? >> a lot. >> and it hadn't even gotten that hot yet. >> what do you say? >> wet. >> it's awesome. >> really fun. >> i keep getting hit with the water here. my college-age kid, at least when he was college age, he would put a whole big tarp out and wet it down. these kids, they don't know yet how to mess up that much of their parent's lawn. they're certainly having fun. we'll talk more at the end of the show about the food we've had out here but first we'll look at your forecast. the wake-up forecast, temperatures are going to be cooling off some more. not quite as cool as it's been over the last couple of nights where you're dipping down into the 60s overnight. as far as the beach boating weather goes, there may be a few clouds around the area on sunday. but i assure you it won't be a washout. tomorrow, 65 to 69.
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sun is ep ought 5:43 and your beach and boating forecast again, from the 70s to the low 80s at rehoboth, ocean city. it's going to be nice. go to the beach or get yourself one of these. a nice slip and slide. look at the parents. they're all on the hill and everybody is having a good time. today's backyard weather. brought to you by the hartman, hime and marmer family ps everybody knows how to join forces here and get all the kids together on a friday night into sfwhoo that slip and slide could be a sport. you're doing sports. the belmont are not happy. they got a big disappointment today. >> they did. it's ashame. it could have been a big and important race. there was a time when horse racing was huge but notmo anymo. they were hoping i'll have another would bring new interest to the sport but it won't happen. just the day before the bid to
6:44 pm
become the triple crown winner the colt was scratched from the belmont stakes with swollen left front tendon forcing the horse not just out of the race, he's going into retirement. i'll have another, he won the kentucky derby and then the preakness. he was the favorite to win the belmont and that would make him the 12th triple crown winner in history. instead, he becomes the 12th horse since affirmed the last triple crown champion, to win the first two legs but not the belmont. that injury is the beginning of tendinit tendinitis. on human terms its is compared to an achilles heel injury. >> this is extremely tough for all of us and though it's far from tragic, no one died or anything like that, but it's extremely disappointing and you know, i think when you got human or equine athlete, when you give
6:45 pm
110% every time you step in the court or on the track, you know, you're suspect to injury and i had been hoping and praying he would stay injury free. and, you know, it didn't happen. >> that's a shame. he's not going to run. okay. even if you're not a tennis fan, check out this finals of the french open coming up on sunday because i promise you, that will probably be one heck of a tennis match. once again, it's rafael nadal and -- -- they've gone at it all three teams djokovics that come out on top. the top two seeds took care of business today. roger federer there, last year's french open semis. he ended djokovic's 43-match
6:46 pm
winning streak but it didn't work. match point djokovic in the far net. 46 unforced errors. that's most unusual for him but he's getting old now and he just doesn't have what he used to have. in the earlier semifinal. rafa one more time who had no trouble with the sixth seed with his good friend ferrer. he has not had a set point. he won six times and don't you know the dominos continued today. he can play, especially on clay. beautiful winner. seals the victory. 2-1-1. he goes for a record seven french open titles when he meets djokovic on sunday. you know what they say about lebron? can't finish. can't do the big games. when you score 30 points in the first half as lebron did last
6:47 pm
night that final quarter becomes less of a nuisance and not to significant. on the brink of elimination, miami won big up in boston. and now, the heat are taking their talents, remember that term? back to south beach for game seven of the eastern conference finals. the heat had lost 15 of their last 16 times in boston. including last five. they were not going to lose last night. first quarter, heat created turnover. lebron heading the other way. nobody is going to stop him. basket and one. watch it again. full steam coming up. 6'8", 250, get the heck out of the way or get killed. look at that game face. chris bosh down low and he puts it up and shot no good. all the way from the top of the arc. shot to good, james rebound. watch him, he almost busted his head up on the rim. that's how high he got up. 31st half points and he finished with 45 for the game. fourth quarter, heat up by 15 and dwyane wade driving the
6:48 pm
baseline. check out the replay. nice reverse. they do it routinely. he added 71 points. they won 98-79. game seven saturday night in miami. something tells me this landlord slrn tenant pair did not hook up on craigslist. mike shannihan still owns a cabin out in denver. 35,000 square foot joint he has. one of the fansiest neighborhoods in town and he's renting it out. you know who his tenant is? peyton manning, the broncos new quarterback. only expected to be temporary because peyton will probably buy one that's about 45,000 square feet. anyway, the house has a elevator, bowling alley and a 3600 square foot garage. i want me one of them. as for the redskins new quarterback, robert griffin iii he's officially done with his first-ever ota -- organized team activities -- skins finish up their first rond of off-season
6:49 pm
practices on thursday. they'll hold their full squad mini camp next week and training camp begins in late july. with every practice things ew coming just a little easier to the rookie. >> i told coach yesterday that after every practice i was writing stuff down and after yesterday, i wrote only one thing and that was "just play." just play. at the end of the day you know it. even after a few weeks you know the offense. you just got to go out and stop thinking about it. >> all right. and just play. and as they always say, go have fun! okay, baseball now. nationals are up in boston tonight to face the red stocks -- right, red sox. stephen strasberg on the mound and his major league debut exactly two years ago today. we wish him -- >> that was a thing of beauty. >> 35,000 square feet. i think peyton manning is the
6:50 pm
only person that could afford to rent the house. >> and he can afford it. >> and he can and he'll probably add 10,000. coming up, the olympic fever hits news4. those are our staff. >> they're having a good time. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> it was a different type of team coverage occurring out in the front yard today at news4. this was the peacock limb f olympics. president and joined manager. i can bradford got things started. the teams competed. that's her there. the teams competed in everything from the water balloon toss to the big foot race. there was also a ring toss, people actually and, of course, the tug-of-war. and this is the trike relay and that's our other boss.
6:54 pm
and, of course, if you're doing something at channel 4 you have to bring out food and there was plenty of food for the athletes and the red team emerged victorious. i think that was barbara harrison's team. nobody got hurt. we can't leave without saying mona got the bronze, from pro mo. >> another check on the weather, veronica? you know, jim, i've had a fantastic time out here in kensington, maryland, because i've got a chance to share my evening with some fantastic friends. any great memories from all getting together each night? >> i got to tell you, it's always about mile stones. first steps, both of my kids, right here on the corner. >> you mentioned some? >> learning to wrierd bikes. they all learned to wried their bierks on these sidewalks. >> all of them together. >> sledding down the hill. >> right down this hill. >> and you mentioned one other memory, too? >> when veronica came to the
6:55 pm
coach, to happy corner, absolutely. [ cheers and applause ] now we have happy grown ups. >> that's us from happy corner. first we'll take a look real quick at your seven-day forecast. which, again, shows that heat for the weekend. so a little bit of a heatwave. a short heatwave through the weekend. no better time. that's when you can go anywhere and cool off. and speaking of cooling off, we'll cool back down to the low 80s next week but we won't be in the 70s. thanks for having us out, guys. >> thank you, veronica. >> thank you, channel 4. >> thanks, veronica. in a few weeks i'm going to take my scooter across the country out to wyoming and montana and then back roads all the way home. i've made some trips in the past and i know what to expect. when people find out i'm from d.c., they're going to be curious and want to talk. now, especially, they're going to want to know what it must be like to live in such a krups city with so many crooked politicians. i'm looking forward to it and here's why. no one can enjoy the cloud of
6:56 pm
corruption and the stink of incompetency that hangs over this town now but there's no need for anybody to be ashamed. the more than half million people that live in this town did not steal, deceive or confive. harry thomas jr. did that and kwame brown and thomas gordon, howard brooks and probably others that u.s. attorney ron men kin hasn't gotten to yet. brown, thomas and others have deprived us of the honest government to which wire entided but it's very much worth noting that they are not the only rascals and d.c. is not the only city in this yes with a few roaches scurrying around. there have been thieves and thugs in high office in new orleans, detroit, and all over this country. surely that does not and should not diminish the pain and damage done here. but some perspective is in order. when people suggest that there's some in congress already have, that by virtue of our recent scandals we have ven ourselves unfit to govern and worse, unworthy of voting rights, i
6:57 pm
suggest some perspective is in order. there have been four felony charges here in d.c. in five months. in illinois, there have been four governors convicted of serious crime, half of them went to jail. have the people of illinois proven themselves unfit to govern? and unworthy of voting rights? some perspective is in order, folks. i can't wait for the folks i'll meet over dinner jackson hole and bozeman and davenport, kwame and harry and all the others, i ain't studying them. i will ride with
6:58 pm
6:59 pm


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